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3340 E. 12th Street
Oakland, CA 94601

(510) 328-0782

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10:00 am - 7:30 pm

Our Testimonials

"Yum yum yum!
I look forward to smelling churros when I'm at a ballpark, festival, or just walking down Mission Street. I was excited to try a filled churro! They have a variety of flavors. I got the caramelo churro (dulce de leche). The churro was coated with cinnamon sugar and was filled with a perfectly sweet filling.
For $2.50, this dessert was just right!
I loved it. :) I'd definitely try the other flavors."

Natalie M.,
San Jose, CA

"So scrumptious! Once I saw the stand, I knew this was a must try. The spot is located on a busy street so it can be hard to find parking. Let me just say, it totally worth it! The churros an be regular (not filled) or filled. Some of the flavors for filled churros include chocolate, caramel (YES!), vanilla, and strawberry. There is nothing else to mention except hurry up and buy."

Danielle G.,
Pleasant Hill, CA

"I first when here maybe 3 years ago and loved it. Fast forward and I went yesterday and it was still that amazing churro I died eating 3 years ago!! Haven't found any churros as good as these. Too bad I'm never in Fruitvale :( also, $2 for a churro relleno is a deal. Imagine a fresh churro with a pudding filling, I've tried chocolate and vanilla both delicious!!"

Annie N.,
Fremont, CA